Exiting Egypt Without Leaving Your Place

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the picturesque descriptions that are given to us in the Torah tell us about an increasingly stronger connection between human beings. In the spiritual world one doesn’t enter corporeal Egypt, cross the physical Red Sea and the Sinai desert, or reach the corporeal land of Israel. In the spiritual world all of this symbolizes the different degrees of the connection between the souls, between human beings, who connect internally, in their desires.

It is a connection that the Torah tells us about. It doesn’t speak of geography or the history of some group that wandered in the land of Canaan or Egypt. It tells only about the connection in which we discover these degrees. “Go from your land” means to exit your egoistic desires, that is, the life in Babylon. You need to leave this desire and arrive at a bigger one, in which you connect to your group more strongly. This desire is already called the “land of Canaan” (“land” means “desire”).

Later we enter the left line, our desires increase, the evil inclination is revealed more, and this is called the “descent into Egypt.” And when we later ascend from this state of “Egypt” by connecting together, it is said that we are in “the Sinai desert.”

After connecting above all the problems that become revealed in us, we rise to a level called the “land of Israel.” All of these are degrees of connection and not geographical places.

The names are taken from our world, but they are used to name the spiritual degrees. We can take a bus and travel from Babylon to the land of Canaan and then to Egypt and back, but it wouldn’t be a spiritual trip. It would just be a corporeal trip.

It all depends upon how we, sitting in one place, climb the degrees and discover the spiritual worlds within us. It is revealed only according to the strength of the connection between us. As we unite, we discover the spiritual degrees according to the strength of our unity.

We correct all of our “613 desires” only through connection. If a person doesn’t connect with others, he doesn’t fulfill any “commandment,” doesn’t make any correction of the desire to receive. All of the desires are disconnected from each other as a result of the shattering, and they can be corrected only by connecting one to the other.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/2011, Writings of Rabash

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