A Special Type Of Attainment

laitman_534Question: You once said that when a person attains spirituality, knowledge of the alphabet comes to him automatically. Does this happen by learning the wisdom of Kabbalah in English, in Russian, or in other languages also?

Answer: When a person attains spirituality, he will know the Hebrew language; he will feel it. This is a special type of attainment in which everything is revealed to him as it was for Adam.

However, this natural way of learning the language happens only for special souls. After all, when Adam understood the interaction of the higher forces, they began to take shape in forms, in pictures, so he saw how they became an alphabet, 22 letters, patterns; each one symbolizing a particular force, a connection between matter and Light.

Therefore, it is still desirable to know the language in order to read the wisdom of Kabbalah in Hebrew.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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