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Dr. Michael LaitmanYear in and year out, we are trying to bring our lessons closer to people, to the world, and it is extremely difficult. Baal HaSulam wrote in his "Prophecy" that he had asked, pleaded before, the Creator to help him descend from his degree to be able to explain the method of revealing the Creator to people.

In the spiritual world, it’s very hard to lower one’s degree because there everything is completely transparent and clear. Since the upper degree is perfection, to "step down" from it on your own is even "more impossible" than to climb to it. There are no words to explain it either since spirituality is pure sensations.

Kabbalists managed to find words to convey spiritual information, but they intend them for their own peers in their Kabbalistic writings. Behind each word they pronounce, such as the "screens" (Masachim), "discernments" (Havhanot), the "rise of Malchut to Bina," and so on, behind special forms of the enlarged capital letters there stand spiritual notions.

For them, all of it is like a "musical score" for a musician who may cry or laugh simply by looking at it. For him, they are life-like sensations which immediately arouse feelings in him. It’s another thing, however, to take a musical score and relate it in words. If I asked you to tell me about your sensation from a symphony, what would you say?

However, we need to relate our feelings somehow. Although they are not spiritual yet and precede the entry into the spiritual world, nevertheless, our students and ordinary people on the street are separated by many, many years of development. If we were to broadcast our lessons in a unadapted form, nobody would understand them. It’s very difficult to descend from that degree, but we have to attempt to do it. There is still a lot for us to do here.
From Lesson 2, Kabbalah Convention at the Arava Desert 12/31/10

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