The Book Of Zohar And The Desire To Change

209Question: The Book of Zohar is written from the degree of the upper force that governs everything. Is that why it changes a person? Can it do everything?

Answer: It can do everything. But there is nothing in The Book itself, in its pages and symbols. It can be printed in China, or it doesn’t matter where, and given to anyone in the world to read.

It all depends on how much you want to penetrate through this book into the world that it describes. Then you will begin to see it as a multi-layered narrative.

Everything depends only on the desire! The Book itself does nothing. With your desire, you begin to reveal the connection with the upper world through it.

And then this connection gradually changes the person. He reveals the outer sphere, the upper force, the state in which we exist above our animal level. If we rise to a higher level, that is, from the inanimate to the vegetative, from the vegetative to the animal, from the animal to the human, then we cease to feel the previous level as explicitly existing.

For example, when my hair or nails are cut I do not feel pain, I do not feel that I am losing something from my body because this is the plant level that is lower than an animal. We have exactly the same feeling when we find the upper world and look at our material world: “Cut it off!” We remain to exist forever in perfection together with the upper force that determines everything. That’s what we exist for.

A person reveals the source of the upper force. The meeting with the Creator takes place in the connection of people with each other. This is exactly what The Book of Zohar helps with.

I hope that by doing it correctly, humanity will come to get rid of egoism, to solve all its problems.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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