The Secret Code Of The Zohar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that the flow of the words in The Zohar changes the strength and the direction of the forces that bind us together?

Answer: We do not know how it works. Something about it is still deeply hidden from us. The Book is written in a language that seemingly allows us to discern quite logical things in it, relate to them, and somehow picture ourselves in them or them in us. There is a certain interaction between me and the book, a connection and understanding that the Book talks about me and I am inside of it.

But this is a completely false sensation. It is simply the form in which the story is presented to us, the story that is extremely distant, unfamiliar, and foreign to us. It is like some beast that acquired a human form, talked to us, and we could only grasp its outer form: its arms, legs, or head. But it is absolutely not the case.

Consequently, we need to relate to The Zohar as to the Book that contains a certain secret code, a sequence of spiritual instructions. I do not know how they are written from the inside and cannot come into contact with them. In order to establish at least some sort of connection with these spiritual instructions, I read The Zohar. However, the connection emerges not by my hearing or reading the text; rather, it is built to the measure of my desire to unite with this inner code so that it could transform me.

The Book can be written in a variety of forms, and I may not understand a single word of it. What counts is my desire for the inner content of the Book to correct me. Its inner content is the spiritual world with its entire apparatus, actions, and forces, not the paper and print within the cover.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/4/10, The Zohar

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