The Only Way To Ascend

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to ascend to a next degree, we should act by “faith above reason.” “Faith” means that our “head” (Rosh) is in the Upper One. The Upper One tells us what to do, and we do as we are told: Unite with the friends and study. We know that we do not love anyone and do not want to unite with anyone, but we are told: “Do it mechanically, and do not fool yourselves. You do not want to unite; your heart is against it. The Pharaoh, the will to receive pleasure, the evil inclination, rules you with all its might. Hate is inside of you, and the game of ‘love,’ a lie is on the outside.”

This is done on purpose. It is necessary because the Upper degree which we are now enacting is a lie to us; we are not yet connected with it. However, we have to act it out until it becomes the truth. This is done by the Light that we draw through the “silly” act of “we shall do,” and, as a result, we “will hear,” will attain “Lishma” (Bina), the spiritual level of “hearing.”

This is the most intelligent action that allows us to grow. Without it, neither plants, nor beasts, nor humans evolve. We advance only when we annul ourselves before the Upper One, the higher spiritual degree. We simply imitate whatever we are able to, as much as possible, without the mind’s participation for we do not yet comprehend or perceive what is occurring at a higher spiritual degree. The sages say: “Whatever is in your power, do it” and “I have labored and found.” You put forth effort and find a “treasure” that you did not expect or imagine you would obtain.

This is the sole basis of growth. There is no other way to ascend from one spiritual degree to another. I have to annul myself before the Upper One and tell myself that my “head” (Rosh) serves only one purpose: to recognize the actions of the Upper One and copy them with my “body” (Guf). Just that! I don’t use my “head” for my “body.” I use my “head” solely to connect with the Upper One and repeat his actions as my own.

Our world operates according to the same principle. In every element of nature where there is growth and evolution this law presides, even in the vegetative and animate levels of nature. A living cell that desires to grow matches itself with the more advanced cell, and thereby evolves. This is called “acting” because the higher spiritual state has not clothed in me as “Mochin,” and I move forward by the mind of the Upper One, as in a game. I do it just like a child who is playing a “grown-up” and because of this becomes one.

This is an iron law in all spiritual degrees. Only by abiding by this law can we ascend the spiritual degrees. This law governs both the material and spiritual worlds.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/10, The Zohar

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  1. “Whatever is in your power, do it” … If I see inside myself, inside my ego I hate my brother, I can take actions that are within my power. I see my ego but consciously with the intention of wanting to repair this egoistic weakness I can fight against myself. Fight to rise above my own egoistic reasoning as to why I feel hatred. I can rise above my ego and strive to connect with this brother specifically. In fact the brother with whom I feel the strongest egoistic hatred is the very person I have the most opportunity to change my intention toward. This individual effort will help advance our spiritual connections.

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