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209Comment: Ancient scholars said that there is a positive force in The Book of Zohar that can correct us and bring us to the best possible state. You are helping us feel this book a little so that the power contained in it will affect us in a positive way.

My Response: The value of The Book of Zohar is not explaining its content because you still cannot understand how the upper world works until you at least somewhat feel it.

We read it only for the sake of attracting the upper light that can correct you, raise you to the level of the upper world, and you will feel it all there. Just like in our world: Is it possible to explain to a one-year-old baby things that only a ten-year-old child can see and understand? So, you have to develop him to the level of a ten-year-old child, and when he grows up, you can explain what it is that he sees.

But until a person develops, this book will still remain a mystery to him. He can read it for a hundred years, and for a hundred years he will not understand anything. Maybe he will begin to imagine something, but it is still not what it really is.

Therefore, you must expect every moment that The Book of Zohar will work on you and develop you. After all, if in our world a one-year-old child is given educational games, he keeps engaging in them, and his body is automatically growing, then in the spiritual world, we must evoke our growth at every moment or we will not grow up.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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