When Good And Evil Merge Together

624.04Question: What is this commandment to drink wine on Purim to such a state that you do not distinguish Haman the robber from the pure quality of Mordechai?

Answer: At the end of correction we get so much light (symbolized by wine) that we are not able to determine where the evil is and where the good is because there is no longer any difference between them. They are combined into one single attainment of the upper root from which both plus and minus emanate. There is practically nothing there, only a kind attitude toward us.

A person acquires the ability to see all kinds of evil and good events as one. Even today Kabbalah advises us to treat everything in the same way: There is only “The Good Who does good” in everything, “There is None Else Besides Him.”

When we treat everything as good coming from the Creator, then we move closer to Him every time.

Question: A person who reaches the state of correction can internally justify anything, even the most terrible incidents?

Answer: He must justify them because it all comes from the Creator, and there is nothing that does not come from Him. And He is absolute kindness.

If we do not understand this and cannot justify it, then this only means our lack of correction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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