The Beneficial Days Of Purim

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe festive days of Purim are very good and beneficial. These are the days when, in our world, there are good forces, the forces of unity, that can help us connect and resolve the problems.

We have just one problem: to find the network of forces between us, such a connection in which the Creator would be revealed. We do not need anything else! The most important thing for us is to reveal the Creator. This is our main task, and it can be solved only in the connection between us.

Once we have established a network of connection between ourselves, at least in its minimum quality, we immediately will feel the Creator.

That is why it is very good that we are getting together these days. Try to do all this! You cannot imagine how much we need this! Once the general force begins to be manifested between us, we will get a powerful weapon in our hands, a powerful means for correcting the world, and then we will begin working with it.

After all, we do not know where to go without this, what to control, and what to press. The manifestation of the Creator opens our eyes fully, unties our hands, and shows the path.
From the Virtual Lesson 2/24/13

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