Fate Changes As You Advance

Dr. Michael LaitmanFate changes very much as we advance. Each one is given his or her own difficulties, but you should not envy others. There are such internal problems that are not visible from the outside and it may seem that a person has all the best, that his life is successful, and that he has never had any problems with money. However, we do not know what internal or external obstacles, invisible to the external eye, he overcomes. No one gets favors in this.

The more internal the correction, the more qualitative it is, and, thus, it is more powerful in its strength than correction by external problems. It is similar to a worker who needs to labor an entire week to earn the same amount a specialist can earn for a day or even an hour of work. It depends on the root of the soul.

We are engaged in the most important work. It is low, dirty work to correct the world at its most insignificant degree where it is now, and this work is the most special and honorable. We need to feel this, understand it, and give thanks.

We work on our own vessel. All the problems that become revealed to us are the means for correcting the broken unity. Every day I repeat that dissemination is necessary for your own good; that it is your own vessel and you aren’t doing anyone any favors. The Creator does not need your work. You, yourselves, need it first. Otherwise, in what vessels will you get revelation?

However, if a person is stuck inside the breaking and wants to perceive the world from there—not correcting himself—then he is like a child who does not want to grow but demands to be given at the age of two the same things that grownups have. This means that he is delayed in his development and does not use the opportunities that he gets.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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