Fingerprints On The Roundtable

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne can’t forget that we must unite precisely because the whole world demands correction. Otherwise, we would not have been given the desire for spirituality and Kabbalah would still continue to be passed on in a hidden way from one chosen Kabbalist to another like it has been done for thousands of years.

It is not by accident that suddenly the desire to reveal the Creator has emerged in thousands of people around the world. This is done so that they would unite together and become the “priests,” meaning those who teach and care about the whole world in order to lead the whole world to correction.

That is why, although at the end of next week we are getting ready for the congress with the goal to reach unity with each other, from the very beginning we must remember and never forget that our unity is needed for the sake of bringing the whole world to the revelation of the Creator.

We are carrying out the role of those who ignite the Light! We serve as the screen for the desire, like the wick of a candle. The oil, or the desire to enjoy, is the whole of the humanity, the light is the Creator, and we are the wick that helps the oil light up. This means being the servant of the Creator.

That is why if we are not longing towards unity with the Creator for the sake of passing His revelation to the whole of humanity, then all of our work will pass in the wrong direction. All of the time, we need to be thinking about both poles while we are located in the middle; this is the mission of Israel.

That is why at the congress, although we will basically be talking and working on our internal unity, we need to also touch on the topic of external dissemination. However, it is not demanded of us to perform too many actions in order to engulf the whole world with them. We only need to let the Reforming Light work, letting it pass through us.

We need to unite with each other with a much greater force and then the Light will go through us. We must only open the entrances for it, and it will do its job. Meaning, it is enough to be at some place, to arrange a roundtable there, to bring the people to some kind of unity, and you have already connected to it and you remain there. You have left your spiritual “fingerprints” there and that is enough! The Light will start to function through them.

Under the impression of only one of our meetings, people will start to feel themselves how they need to act further. It is clear that virtual systems need to be built and connection with them needs to be kept up, but the most important job is done by the Light.
From a “Talk About General Questions” 6/29/12

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