In The Heart Of The World Arguments

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently, you often mention that the world is rapidly advancing and that we are falling behind. What do we do to realize this?

Answer: I try to express it in my blog where I cite the most current events covered by the press and give a short comment. In fact, my comments are very similar, there is nothing special, but when someone reads them or scrolls the blog, he gets the impression of the world dynamics. This is exactly what I pursue: focusing people on current problems. Personally, I also do it to keep myself in the midst of these problems.

It will change soon. Many facts can no longer be concealed since it’s impossible to hide everything.

It provokes a huge antagonism, a very acute, complicated, secretive battle among sociologists, politicians, and the wealthy, since for several decades the world has been run by the rich and we see now where they have brought us.

Politicians cater to them because they cannot do anything on their own. No one can resist money; everybody needs it. As a result, the world is where it is.

Today, we are facing a huge problem: We have to pay for it! In Russian, it’s called “razborka,” a mafia term that reflects a blame game about “Who is to blame?” The guilty party is a pool of rich people who overtook the world and suppressed politicians.

On the other hand, to a certain extent, they inadvertently prevented wars, since those who think of profits are afraid of wars, so they didn’t let politicians expand their ambitions. However, at this time, neither the circles of rich people, nor the politicians have any idea what to do next.

As strange as it may look, we have to emerge on the scene at this time, a tiny, “useless,” insignificant, ideological organization. Really, who and what are we?

However, you’ll see that our ideas will be perceived as the most realistic; moreover, nobody will be capable of implementing them. We are totally open: Everybody is welcome to browse the Internet, take anything they wish from us, but no one will “steal” anything from us even though we are eager to give it to others so that they can start implementing it. Nobody except us can make roundtable discussions and unity meetings since they don’t possess internal power, from the source, something that our organization has. So, we are about to begin a great work and are facing a very serious period of time.

Gradually, there will be some tension spreading from Europe. It will be felt in the USA, and subsequently in Canada. Slowly but surely people will begin thinking about these problems. Although, we don’t have to wait for that, since we don’t want the world to take the path of suffering. Small afflictions are necessary to make people open their ears, but not more than that.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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  1. Let us advance quickly and conciously

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