The Ceiling of Egoistic Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we have an opportunity we have never had before. The method of correction is being revealed, and if we were to use it, it would be very easy for us to attain the very necessary mutual guarantee and unity. Many people, among the nation of Israel, already understand this and are coming closer to this. We have created a large organization, which brings to life the principles of mutual guarantee in Israel, and I am full of hope that correction will happen in a good way. Because otherwise, gently speaking, our journey will be unpleasant, but it will lead to the same place. One way or another, the goal is clear: Everyone must become a single whole.

Question: Why did the time specifically come now?

Answer: We see this by the state of mankind and nature. The world has come to a common crisis, and the first to reach the crisis was the part of the world that determines the lifestyle and the form and rate of advancement of mankind. Moreover, we are not speaking about problems with technology, economy, education, culture, science, personal life, divorce, drug addiction, depression, which is becoming the number one disease, and so on. No, this is an inner and very deep crisis of our ego caused by the fact that the left, the egoistic line, has completed its development.

Over the course of the last two millennia while the Jewish people were in exile, growing egoism was pushing people towards different goals and forced us to discover new continents, build industry and trade. We kept moving forward, forming new systems and mechanisms. We thought that egoistic existence was enough to reach a good life. In the last one hundred or two hundred years, egoism grew exponentially, but it has suddenly as if reached the “ceiling” and stopped.

Fact: We no longer desire anything new. The young generation does not set any grand goals: to become wealthy or powerful, or to make scientific discoveries. On the contrary, despair and fatigue are growing, as if young people were born old. They no longer have the same aspirations as before; they do not want to know, learn, and excel. Studies show that these desires have reached saturation and faded. Thus, the left line has stopped developing, and we no longer see the light ahead of us.

Nature is also showing us a sad picture of the end of the road: The sources of energy are nearing exhaustion and the environment is collapsing.

Human society is also falling apart before our eyes: Family and interpersonal relations are being broken, separation is increasing. All this points to the end of the left line, and now, the people of Israel must activate the right line.

During the two thousand of years of exile, the people of Israel only advanced in the left line, together with the world. The world is not able to advance in the right line, only the people of Israel are capable of this. This is why they are now entering a historic stage: They carry the responsibility to realize the right line and combine it with the left line.

The past two thousand years have already introduced the left line in the Jews. It is written that the sons of Israel went into exile in order to connect the souls of the nations to them. This is the left line, egoism, which today the people of Israel have plenty of, even more than the others. Thus way, the only thing that is left for them to do is to realize the right line inside them and balance it with the left line, by creating the middle line. This way they will show the direction to the entire world, and it will be easy for the people to accept this path
Excerpt From “A Conversation” 6/5/12

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