A New Nature Beyond The Boundaries Of Corporeal Logic

Dr. Michael LaitmanLight is an impression within the desire, a special phenomenon within the vessel, and so I feel and identify it. It says that every Light that ever appeared on a certain level remains there. This means that all the states that were within the matter of creation, which we call “Light” or the opposite “darkness,” all the individual impressions, always remain within the desire and exist in it simultaneously, without interrupting each other.

It’s like the air that is filled with millions of radio waves that don’t interrupt one another since they are on different frequencies. They don’t collide with each other. The same thing happens in the vessel that includes even more components. Everything that ever took place in it remains within the vessel and the vessels are incorporated in each other from the first to the last.

This means that in every vessel there are all the other vessels and also all their states. But the point here is not the quantity. The quality is not a result of the quantity, but it comes above it when I rise above this immense quantity of impressions to the one operator who summons them. Thus, I draw the Light that turns all this quantity into one.

No additional quantity will generate a new quality. You can even count to Ein Sof (Infinity). There is no limit to the rational numbers. There are physical numbers that are expressed by irrational numbers and so can’t be expressed accurately, since they include an infinite number of digits after the decimal point, like the number pi, for example. It’s these fixed and irrational numbers that show us the elements of nature. But by attaining the limits of the numerical approach, a person demands the new qualitative approach.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. Funny how the irrational numbers, which appear everywhere, are not emphasized more. They are in fact, a direct proof of the infinite complexity of reality. That the pattern always has new potential…

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