The Task For The Next Six Months

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur main task over the next six months is to organize integral education and upbringing throughout the world, or at least, to begin the process of organization. At the beginning, it is essential for the developed countries of Europe and North America, not the developing countries of South America or China and all the Asian countries, namely for the developed countries that are already exposed to the global crisis. I think that in the near future, the crisis will be strongly manifested in Europe, and then will hit America like a boomerang.

As Europe is in crisis and everything there is in a deplorable state, then the dollar, as the funds are invested in the US economy, there is transferred some share of finance and the economy in general. That is why, the crisis is not demonstrated in the USA clearly; it is felt only by the fact that people live in debt, and positive interest might be seen. And when Europe ends this fall, this bubble will burst in the USA, and then it will be really bad.

By this time, we need not only to prepare people and the basic system of integral education and upbringing, but also widely disseminate information about it in the media, in society, and be prepared that then people will start listening to you.

Naturally, until then, human egoism is not ready to hear anything because it is much nicer to watch football than to listen to some courses and some transformation, development: where we have come to and why. While I can survive from today to tomorrow, I am not interested in your explanations. But when tomorrow I have neither football nor basic necessities, then it is a problem.

That is why we are preparing the basic system of integral education and upbringing.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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