The World On A Rotten Raft

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnity holds the greatest value. If we achieve unity, we will solve all problems. If we don’t reach it, no actions will help us fix the problems.

In essence, this is a very simple principle. But it is not directly perceived and accepted by people; it is absorbed indirectly through exercises and games. The main thing is to let the Light act so that it can tell a person through sensations that awaken within him.

Then people will understand that this is indeed the case. One would wonder why he changed his mind so suddenly? But he began to feel inside that it was exactly in this way that everything could be arranged.

Look, how crazy the world behaves struggling to hold on to the old systems that are already crumbling. Everything is falling apart. The state is a thousand times worse than it is presented to an ordinary person and even worse than it is felt by those who are informed and in power.

It is like we are on raft that is rotten through and through, in the middle of the ocean. And we don’t know about this! We are surrounded by sharks, the ropes holding the raft together are about to break at any moment, and we will find ourselves in the depths of the sea.

Such a feeling arises when you look at the world today. But people cannot do anything. They cannot understand themselves that they can solve the problems only through unity, because this is already a higher, spiritual principle. That is why we are trying to bring it through workshops, discussions, games, and through everything we do.
From a “Talk About General Questions” 6/29/12

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