Disillusionment Is Not Too Far Away

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: 99% of the people want to know what they actually have to do so that there will be changes in society. How can we convey the sense of security, unity, and connection through dissemination?

Answer: It seems to us that we are doing something in this world—I manage the banks, the factories, international trade, and military technology—that I run everything that happens in our world, it all passes before me, and I give the instructions and activate this whole machine. The only thing I don’t understand is that I am being activated.

There is a video clip in which a child plays with his toy car in the supermarket, and as he makes it run, he makes the sounds of an engine.

We also don’t understand that we are actually being activated, and that we are performing the will of the upper one on the lowest level.

Now we are starting a new era in which the upper force doesn’t dictate what we have to do directly and draws away from us, as if courting us, thus wanting to draw us to it. By drawing away from us, it summons a feeling of confusion in us, a lack of understanding of what is going on and of how to manage in this world. Suddenly I don’t want a family or children. I don’t know what to do in life. There are drugs and alienation and this leads to the great crisis. When the upper force draws away and doesn’t manage me, I suddenly feel that I don’t know where to go or what to do; I don’t know anything and don’t want anything. The crisis is a call for us so that we will advance by ourselves towards this force. “Towards” means to become more similar to it.

People, however, think that they can go about as before: “I will manage everything!” Well, and what can governments do? Today they cannot do anything. The only thing they can do is to print more money, but this doesn’t lead to anything either. They only activate the printing machine, and we seem to have more money, but in fact it is the same thing. The specific buying power doesn’t change; they only give people paper, that’s all.

So the politicians, the economists, sociologists, psychologists, scientists, educators, and parents, no one, have any effect on anything; no one can do anything!

People have not been disillusioned to such an extent yet, so that they feel everything, but the world is advancing in this direction. We see that many scientists are discovering this in their research.

This is a problem in the world, it will need to accept this because this is a physical law, which is manifested in the fact that the force that managed us internally and dictated all our desires, both in our mind and heart, is now slowly withdrawing. It wants you to take this role upon yourself, to learn from it and to manage yourself by yourself. This is the problem. We will have to learn this and Implement it.

If all kinds of pundits are still saying: “We really should do something…”; well, what is really going on? They still simply don’t feel how the upper force is managing them.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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