One Big Village

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst of all, we need integral education where, based on many facts, on the opinions of scientists, researchers, and political scientists, we describe and clearly show people where we really are.

A person doesn’t know anything about life outside of his work, soccer, beer, and all those things seem a matter of course. He cannot even imagine that if one day, suddenly the connection between us would break, then all of this wouldn’t exist: not what we see surrounding us, not what we have at home! That is, without international trade, political, cultural, or military exchanges, no matter at what levels, nothing would exist.

First, integral education speaks about the path we went through in evolution, and were locked into. And today we are not able to open up. On the contrary, the evolution continues; every day, nations and countries, and all kinds of civilizations are tied together tighter and tighter, and the only thing that we can do is to learn to exist in an integral way.

But it becomes evident that the countries don’t know how to do this. We see this in examples of the common market, international banks, etc. So what can be said about simple women’s and children’s organizations, and even educational institutions where everyone pulls the “blanket” to himself? It turns out that in these cultural and educational organizations it isn’t possible to come to something common. Each one pulls towards itself, and each one thinks it is greater, better, and that the others should listen to it.

And mostly important is that the system is moving forward and is closing, joining, and tightening in each of the cogwheels, even the smallest one. Thus, everyone depends on the other.

If today you approach a simple farmer from China, Russia, Europe, or American who grows rice or potatoes or produces milk or meat, etc., he would tell you that one needs to do this or that because in the world certain things take place: Argentina produces meat, China something else, and so on.

I often come across this. Not long ago I was in South and North America and spoke with people who are involved in agriculture. They have a huge awareness about what is happening in the world in this field and not only in their area, but in related fields.

Today, a farmer who grows, let’s say red peppers, knows all the scientific news that is relevant to the cultivation of red peppers and is fully aware of what is happening in the world in this field. It turns out that a person is constantly closed and completely dependent on others. He knows that if somewhere something happens or if his crop would be lost because no one needs it, then in the end, he himself will become poor.

This means that the general feeling of dependence reaches even the smallest farmsteads, and in the coming years it will reach even the ordinary people.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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