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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the process of the workshops, the practical work on integral upbringing is being implemented. While these workshops are conducted not only for the 1% of the population who are working on the correction of themselves and the world, but also for the 99%. Both of these groups hold discussions in circles of ten people. What is the difference in this work for these two groups?

Answer: The difference is that in the circle of Kabbalists, the intention is directed towards unity among each other. They long to create a common desire in this unity, which would summon the emergence of the governing force of Nature that is hidden from us.

However, when regular people gather into a circle, they focus on the emergence of a common desire among them in which they would see the solution of their earthly problems.

They have no incentive for contact with the upper force, the inner force of Nature, which moves, controls everything, and leads it forward, but they also lack such a relationship, understanding, and aspiration for this. That is, they consider nature as simply, nature, and since we have arrived in our development at such a state, then now we should simply find how to further arrange ourselves in order for everything to be normal, that’s it.

These people discuss among themselves all of their material problems: the upbringing of children, family, work, the disparity in income, social security, health insurance, and how we can settle all of that. They establish government, international, or even worldwide roundtables, where all of that is gradually being discussed and clarified: how we see the solutions of these problems, based on our unity. This is what they should lead to.

As they participate in unity events, they will begin to change. By exchanging their impressions about unity and becoming more imbued with unity, they will go further, and through the force of unity, they will gradually change all of our past egoistic structures.

But the Kabbalists will work on the attraction of the upper force and the manifestation of it in their unity. It will show and reveal the hidden levels of the world, and as a result, they will see what to do and how to solve everything in this world. However, the most important point for them is for the upper force to evidently fill them, give them their new states of bestowal, love and mind, that, which it possesses.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing, 5/29/12

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