How Will The World Discover The Upper Force?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so important that the 99% of the population, in any case, reach integral unity? Is it possible to say that if they unite, then they will receive a form in which it will be possible to transfer the inner force from the 1%?

Answer: Absolutely correct. If people exist within the egoistic breakage, then it is impossible to transfer anything to them. Furthermore, we need to not only transfer this energy to them, this knowledge, but to draw them into the same state.

This means that 1% of the 100% of humanity does this actively, in connection with the upper force, in disclosure of the upper force within them.

And 99% of the inhabitants on the earth do this in a more passive way, by building integral relations, under the new integral conditions: “How can we, “squares,” “ triangles,” “rectangles,” transform into circles in harmony with the new world, to the new demands.

When they think about this and receive education and learning from the 1%, then gradually they turn into integral people. They begin to understand, in a natural way, what this new world is, and they discover the same upper force that the 1% discovered. The upper force operates and is revealed to them through the 1% of humanity, which constitute its “conductor.”

It isn’t some kind of artificial system, essentially, the same thing happening in our world. If we look at our world and dissect it as a pyramid, then we would see that only 1% operates it, creates, and dares. All the rest are the receivers. They participate physically, but actually they use the profits obtained from above, and only add to this their “fertilizer,” their strength.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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