Step By Step Towards Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain to the 99% of the population about the internal work they have to do?

Answer: When we gather, we think only about how our discussions can help us feel the general force, the general warmth, the general connection, and unity so that each one will stop feeling himself and feel only “we.” “We” is not the general sum of all of us, but “together.” And the “together” has to constantly melt so that you will totally lose all your individuality in it.

In the individuality that is lost, in this new force, in the new thought, just like in one man, in one figure that we create, we discover the inner part of nature and start feeling that this is the plan; that this is the motion. On the whole, we don’t create this, but surprisingly we discover within the unity the new level of our state, of our recognition, the existence outside the body, above corporeality and even above our existence, in another dimension. We can explain all that.

Gradually as a person begins to feel things, he will begin to hear and to believe. First, of course, he may say that it’s “new age” or mysticism and that he doesn’t want to come near such maneuvers of consciousness, etc. but we can bring him to that.

When people gradually turn to unity, by feeling relaxation, warmth, and the energy of life, and that they can solve all their problems correctly from this perspective, etc., it will fill them. They will understand and feel that they depend on us and that we have to organize them since they cannot do it on their own. They are like kids pretending to be grownups and instinctively, internally they will feel that they do need a leader to help them get started. We will have no problem holding unity events with them in the future too. Since we will be connected to them, they will begin to connect through us to the more internal levels of nature and to feel its plan, its motion, and the force of unity. Nature will begin to appear as one single thought.

I think that it will happen quite soon, and that within a year we will be able to speak about this openly. Actually, not just to speak about it, but to hold workshops presenting the task of uniting to such an extent to be able to feel the hidden natural forces and the hidden options.

In general everything stems from practical work. We are not managed by theory. Although we have many sources, we cannot rely on what we don’t understand correctly. We have to feel every step we make, and to what extent we get a response from society, from nature, from within, and by comparing all this, to advance step by step.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/30/12

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