Feeling Pain For The Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Currently there is a lot of conflict in schools. Visiting a school seems to highlight the disagreements: The teachers aren’t satisfied with the kids, the kids aren’t satisfied with the teachers, and the parents are not satisfied with either of them. When my wife returns from visiting the school, she shares this pain. You say that this needs to be corrected. How can I, as a man, correct this; what should I do?

Answer: Nothing. What can you do?

You must change the system of upbringing: the upbringing and not the education! The education might be good and teachers of various subjects may also be good, but there is no upbringing! There is no such subject; there are no people that know how to bring up children or who work on the upbringing. There is none of that.

Just think about what will happen in the next generation. It won’t even exist. Nobody wants such a generation. It is why people don’t want to have children today, to create a family. What for? So that what we see today will continue to happen? Why have these unhappy children?

If your children are important to you, then get together at the school and decide what more you can do with them within its framework. However, you simply don’t care about them, you only drop them off at some organization called “school,” the “department of education,” and that’s it. You let them work with the kids. This must not happen!

I once had a problem with my son. I sent him to study at a special boarding school, and he used to come home once every few weeks. After one and a half years, they called me: “He is misbehaving. We want to expel him.” I was outraged: “How is this possible? Where was he for the past year and a half? He was with you, so who made him this bad? It was you, and now you want to expel him? You spoil the children, and then you kick them out according to your system; that’s all. How did he become this way by himself if he was in your hands all of this time? So go ahead and correct him now!”

So we have to rebuild the school. We see what kind of a generation it is producing because this is how we are bringing them up.

We have such an opportunity! See how everything is structured in nature: We can make anyone out of a human child, from the biggest villain to the most righteous man. Everything is in our hands. And who do we create? An unhappy person who suffers all of his life, who walks with his head drawn into his shoulders, hiding from everything, afraid of everything, drowning his sorrows in vodka, and has nothing from this life until he leaves it. What is the purpose of having such a life? Let’s finally take a good look at what we have done. We are the ones who did it.

Question: So if some of my friends tell me that they are having difficulties at their school, then basically it is possible to go to the school and show them how the integral methodology works?

Answer: Of course it is possible. You will always be accepted. No principal of the school will ever tell you: “No!” You are a certified psychologist, you have the recommendations and you are known on television. You want to give a demonstration lesson, a master class, and so on. Please, do it! They will gladly agree. Unobtrusively place a small camera there in order to not make the students inhibited and so that others can watch the lesson from the next building. Today all of this is not a problem.

Question: You believe that the moment has already come to give the integral methodology to the people?

Answer: Include the parents like we do in a school, or involve the management, which suffers from the fact that violence and a very low level of performance is thriving in their school. You have two paths, either through the parents or through the school management. Try to take action. This is what you have to start with! You will see what a benefit this is. You will have no obstacles, no opponents in this field, since everyone feels the pain of what is going on with the children.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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