Convention: Unity Of Knowledge and Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should be the connection or continuity between the lesson and the workshop following it at the convention in Kharkov? Will it follow the regular scheme or not?

Answer: This depends on the people there.

On one hand, we want people to receive certain information and knowledge at the lesson. However, a workshop is usually not about knowledge, but about feelings. Therefore, we should unite knowledge and feelings in a way where they will mutually complement one another.

But in principle, everything depends on the audience. That is why I would like to receive questions, suggestions, and wishes from our friends. This will enable me to understand what proportion of knowledge, perception, and feeling to have and to what extent people in Russia today perceive information through the heart and the mind.

When holding a convention in Europe, for example, I have to speak through the mind in a rather cool manner. But gradually people get so involved that by the end of the convention I can already speak in a way that aims them precisely at unification and everything unfolds wonderfully.

I wonder how much time we will need at the Kharkov Convention to enter a mutual sensation, to create a common field? In this common field we will feel its center, its warmth, its mutuality, the emergence of new waves in it, in which we will already begin to feel something higher than our psychology. We will feel our unification, our sensations—that which exists independently of us and is not only between us but above us.

This is the state to which I would like to bring the participants so they will begin to clearly feel that when people interact correctly, a special energetic, informational, governing field emerges, and if a person tries to remain in it, it begins to communicate with him from the other side. Then a person starts gradually working to reveal and sense it further, and that is the revelation of the Creator. The Creator is a force, a single, enormous field that governs us.
From the virtual lesson on 7/8/12

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