Good For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What skills does a person acquire when he deals with the integral method? How is possible to use it in the family, for example, or in places outside the integral circles?

Answer: He will see to what extent the integral system is essential for the world, and how positive and desirable it is, how economical it is and what we can save by it, and what we can do by using it. This means that it is actually a tool for changing all of our society, our life, and our attitude to nature, to production, to economy, to commerce, to education, to everything.

By gradually changing the relationships among us, we totally can change our life; it is true about every aspect, in production, everywhere. By creating new, mutual relationships that, at the same time also resemble nature and are in harmony with it, we will receive the right response from nature itself.

It seems that nature is something inanimate, and although there are parts of the vegetative and the animate levels in it, we generally perceive all of space as still. We don’t understand that this is how it is revealed only relative to us.

We don’t feel that behind all this there is a plan, a program of forces, a thought that manages us, leading us somewhere in the process of evolution. We, thus, become harmonious with the upper plan, with the upper force, and actually summon goodness in all our actions.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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