Entering Impregnation Of The Soul

947If we fulfill the conditions given to us by the Creator who is not allowing us to meet physically but only virtually and come closer to each other in our hearts, then we will advance even more toward each other and together we will advance closer to the goal, that is, to the system of Adam HaRishon. In this way, we will restore this system of the common soul, and the Creator, the Shechina, will reside among us. This is how we will reach correction.

There is no one else besides the upper force, and therefore everyone deals only with the Creator, but only through the friends. Otherwise, we have no connection with the upper force since the contact with it is possible only to the extent that my connection with the friends is strong and qualitative, and then through them, I will reveal the Creator.

From the love of friends, we come to the love of the Creator, so it is necessary to direct all our thoughts, desires, and actions to it. The more complex, qualitative, and strong the connection we achieve, the more we will discover the Creator within it and be able to adhere to Him.

Our entire work is to clear the area between us of all foreign thoughts and confusions and always aim at the true connection, above all the claims of egoism and disturbances. All obstacles we should see as help guiding us to the correct connection.

By clearing the area between us from all foreign thoughts, we begin to feel the Creator in it. It is necessary to focus all our mind and heart on this work because we are already at the beginning of impregnation, and what is left for us is only to expand our connection and strengthen it in order to see the spiritual embryo, that is, the soul of Adam HaRishon, which is beginning to resurrect from the shattering.

The embryo has both receiving and bestowing desires, and we gradually begin to scrutinize them, scrutinizing what we can use in order to connect with the group. Our task is to gather all the forces and desires that contribute to our connection and use them to build the head and body of the spiritual Partzuf. The rest of the desires we put aside for now, they will later be included in the end of the Partzuf.

Therefore, I sort my thoughts and desires, choose those that allow me to connect with the friends in the group, and this is how I advance. This means that inside the shapeless drop of semen the division to the head, body, and the end of the future Partzuf of the soul begins.

All this we need to do regarding the connection with the group. Whatever contributes to the connection with the group, I choose and keep; I work with these desires. And those desires that I cannot work with yet, I move to the end and leave for later.

In this way, from lighter to heavier, we begin to scrutinize our states. This means that a drop of semen from the general force of bestowal has begun to develop in us. A spiritual embryo, which was formed from all our correct forces, through our common concern and prayer, began to develop within mother, within Bina.
From the International Kabbalah Convention 9/26/21, “Entering Impregnation — Revealing a New World”, Lesson 3

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