A Big Family

275The main thing that we lack is connection, at least in something. Baal HaSulam writes that the entire world is entering a state called the last generation where everyone should be connected with each other. Whether we want it or not, the upper governance will always spin us around the connection between all people in the world.

We will see how different countries, companies, parties, and social organizations will be drawn into one whirlpool, connecting, colliding, and influencing each other. Day by day, this entire knot will become more and more confusing and seething because the world is moving toward universal connection.

Therefore, it will be necessary to find out what state we are in and to what extent we are opposite, not ready to hear each other, and doing completely different things. Until in the end, from this opposition, we will see that in fact there is no difference between us. It does not matter what each of us does, we must all unite.

It is like a family where everyone has their own responsibilities and their own profession. However, there is a circle that unites us, a family in which we grow up and learn to better understand and feel each other in order to build an environment for our existence day after day.

It does not matter what the mother does, who the father works for, and where the children study. After all, in addition to everyone’s personal activities, there is a common connection between them, which is called family. It does not matter that each of the family members is busy with their own business in the outside world, inside the family, we are connected as one.

This is how we need to see the connection between all people. There are many thousands of different companies, parties, and groups in the world, but we all have to feel that we are in the same system, in the same family. Despite the fact that everyone has their own activities outside of this system, there is something that connects us into one family.

In this family, we do not determine what kind of personal business everyone should do. It is only important to us that we feel like a family, like relatives, connected and dependent on each other.

We will see how day by day the upper governance, nature, and the program of evolution bind us more and more tightly together. We are increasingly dependent on each other and have no way to escape from this family. We need to write more about this until humanity understands that nature leaves us no choice; it pushes us to get acquainted with this system, and acknowledge that we all are one family.

We will really begin to see a relative belonging to this family in every inhabitant of this world and according to this, we will establish new relations between us. This will eliminate many problems on the path of our spiritual development because this is what the Creator wants from us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/25/22, Writing of Rabash, Questions in the Work

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