Spiritual Volume

558Question: The spiritual world can be characterized as a comparison of incomparable, mutually negating manifestations. In our world, there is either hatred or love, which cannot exist at the same time. Whereas the spiritual world is built on the interaction of these opposites.

What is this phenomenon? It is written in the sources that it is for this reason the revelation of the Creator is such great pleasure.

Answer: The spiritual world is built on the fact that our egoistic desire forces us to start correcting it with the help of an altruistic intention.

Therefore, spiritual reception, in which egoistic desire and altruistic intention are combined, gives us such huge opportunities for cognition and expansion of consciousness, states we can define, evaluate, weigh, and experience completely new units of measurement called Aviut (thickness of desire), Masach (screen), Ohr Hozer (reflected light)—units, with which the science of Kabbalah operates.

These opposite states give spiritual volume. There is no volume at the material level, as only one side prevails.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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