The Highest Harmony Of The Spiritual World

610.2Question: Kabbalistic sources state that if we were to collect the pleasure experienced by all people throughout the entire history of mankind, it would still not be possible to compare it with the feeling of one gram of spiritual pleasure. Is this really so?

Answer: This is how it is. The fact is that nothing can compare with the spiritual world in terms of the strength, depth, and details of perception, the possibilities related to grasping opposing properties and states, as well as finding out how to compare them and connect them with each other.

Only the science of Kabbalah allows us to feel the highest level of harmony that consists of absolutely opposite properties. The revelation of the upper world is built precisely on the comparison of the most extreme opposites that, not only, cannot only be connected in any way, but also cannot even be compared in our world.

Any spiritual phenomenon consists of two opposite states that are not connected at the level of our world and cannot be studied together. It is only within our earthly minds on the material level that they do not have the opportunity to be connected somehow or to affect each other. Qualitatively, these are completely different states. The spiritual world could be characterized as the comparison of incomparable objects and phenomena.

It gives enormous pleasure because one feels harmony above the fact that everything you can imagine, even on the level of our world, is negating and mutually exclusive, whereas in the spiritual world, it is quite the contrary; everything is mutually supportive and creates the highest harmony out of the opposites.

Question: So if in the material world, two opposite states lead a person to a state of despair and one cannot explain why it is happening this way, in spirituality, it is the opposite?

Answer: In the spiritual world, they become even more opposite, critical, and sharply directed against each other. Then, a very new solution appears between them even though the conflict seemed unsolvable at the level of our world.

This creates a new volume in which the higher world exists.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/12/18

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