Connection Is Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur natural characteristic is self-love: an egoistic force of hate and rejection. This is how we initially perceive ourselves. On the other hand, everything in the world is permeated with the force of mutual connection, the force of love and attraction.

Kabbalah speaks of love namely in this sense, absolutely not implying all that we label as “love” in mundane life. Love means that I absorb the desire of another in order to fulfill it to the best of my ability.

This phenomenon takes root in the four phases of the Direct Light. The first phase (Behina Aleph) introduces desire to receive pleasure. The second phase (Behina Bet) is the desire to please, which understands that specifically by receiving it will be able to delight the Creator. This stage is regarded as Bina or Elokim. All creation resulted from it.

Further on, the third phase (Behina Gimel) appears, which receives pleasure for the sake of bestowal, followed by the fourth phase (Behina Dalet), Malchut, which is pure reception.

Now, at the phase of Malchut, we must become similar to Bina, pure bestowal. By unifying two major desires, to receive and to bestow, we form the desire to receive in order to bestow. Thus, when speaking of love, we imply the force of Bina that desires to receive all the great Light from Above in order to pass it down, without keeping anything for ourselves. This is what we must attain by way of correction.

As a result, the entire system is divided into two parts: One is before and above me, and the other is behind and below me. I receive everything from Above from the Creator and pass it down to others. In the same fashion, cells behave while serving the body.

What does an individual cell have? Nothing. It only receives and passes on to the others, and all of them are connected by the ties of love. What then is hidden in this collective bestowal? Interconnection of parts creates a unique spirit, a special field, which is life itself.

Neither a cell nor an organ feels alive individually. But the correct connection permeated by mutual bestowal begets the sensation of life in them. They generate life not in each of them separately, but namely in mutual connection. The key is not in them; they simply carry out a condition, meaning create equivalence of properties, and then the Light, the Creator, clothes in their connection. This is what life of the created being is.

Mutual connection between us creates a place for the Light. In other words, it is the Kli (vessel) in which we experience life to the extent of our connection. The created being lives in the measure of its similarity to the Creator, the cosmic force of love and oneness that rules in the Universe.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/10, “Klalut Adam


  1. This is great!

    Also on a basic physical/information level if something is isolated it ceases to exist. Because it can only have attributes with relation to others (velocity, position, energy, enthalpy, etc etc) This means the more parts, with connection, the more detailed each one becomes. And when there are an infinite number of parts, spheres, beings, whatever, then each one becomes absolutely unique and infinite as well.

    Only together right?

  2. Also,

    One of our major obstacles is we CLAIM attributes/labels or place them on others. I am tall, you are tall. He/She IS ###. This is a claim on essence, saying what someone IS on the inside. This is horrible!!!!! These measurements ONLY exist relative to some other person, which means they only exist BETWEEN people not IN them. The labeling paralyzes a person as they hold on to their “attributes” and cease to overcome or grow beyond them. And we want an identity so badly that we often hold onto negative traits just to have traits! The truth is no one has ANY attributes. We are all the entirety, everything at once, to someone. The measurements exist between points (the connection), not within them.

    Please let my people go. I beg you. Free them from these constraints, this jail that keeps them as seeds without water. Please let them grow into the light. Let them become free to be anything, without end.

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