Work Is Only In The Soul!

594Question: Why was it impossible to build a Temple during the time of the twelve tribes?

Answer: What does it mean to build? It would have been better if it were not in stone at all! It is all just dust in the eyes. There is something built up and here we are sitting behind the walls of this temple, as if behind the Kremlin Wall, and everything is fine with us.

Why do we need a material symbol? At one time there were a lot of opponents to this. But, as a rule, those who understand the least are stronger in the material world. People need a toy, so here it is. Apart from that, we have nothing. They replaced the spiritual goal with a wall.

Imagine today that you are going out to the people to tell them something, show them, summarize, present them with a goal, but you have it all purely spiritual, based on the quality of bestowal.

But instead, you show them a huge room, a palace, although it was really very small, sacrifices are burned here, Levites pray there, and Cohenim (Priests) do work here. Everything is clear to both young children and adult children. Man is fighting for symbols, braces.

Question: How else can you approach a person’s heart?

Answer: It is precisely by correcting the heart when you begin to determine in the heart what is holy and what is not.

The people will understand this in accordance with how they rise above themselves, by how much they realize that there is nothing on this earth and all this is just a phantom world. Work should be only in the soul, only in the desire to unite! Only the various stages of our connection represent the material part of the spiritual world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/23/21

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