Two Concepts Of Existence

115.06Question: Why is all of humanity divided into Jews and other nations in our world?

Answer: A clear division of humanity into two parts occurred once in ancient Babylon. The small civilization that existed suddenly plunged into huge egoism.

The Babylonians decided to build a tower to the sky to reach the Creator, to fight with Him, i.e., with nature. They became so egoistically opposite that they stopped understanding each other.

This is how two concepts of further existence appeared. One of them was formed under the leadership of Abraham; the second was under the leadership of King Nimrod.

Abraham believed that the egoism that manifested itself, which makes us reject each other and forces us to be separated, was created specifically so that we would rise above it. If we do this despite the fact that we are in contradiction with each other and remember how we lived together when there was one law and one nation, then we will reveal a completely new form of existence in connection with each other.

And then, feeling ourselves above material nature, we will feel a completely different life: eternal, perfect, and not within the boundaries of our animal existence.

Abraham said that egoism is the means of our elevation. Let’s treat it this way, separate ourselves from it, look at the ego from the outside and begin to rise above it. Egoism will constantly grow, and we, constantly rising above it, will become like a common force of nature: love, bestowal, unity, harmony.

This was the methodology revealed by Abraham who became one of the leading ideologists of that time.

And Nimrod’s theory said: “No, egoism develops in us in order for science, art, and human society to progress. Let’s develop together with the ego, not rising above it, not looking at our egoistic nature from the outside, but living inside it.” Naturally, this theory received great support because it does not require a person to fight with himself.

So humanity was divided into two parts: a small part went with Abraham (literally a few dozen people) and the rest followed Nimrod. Abraham’s method was for connection, and the second was for separation.

Otherwise how can egoists who mutually hate each other get along on a small piece of land? Then the Babylonians settled all over the world. This is written in the book Genesis Rabbah, in the works of Josephus Flavius, and in other ancient sources.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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