How To Come To Terms With The Death Of A Loved One

631.5Question: Alena Glushchenko asks: “How can you come to terms with the death of your husband at the age of 30?”

Answer: This is indeed a tragedy. It knocks down and kills a woman. Also, a man, too, in general, is not strong in this.

What to do? We must continue to live; we must continue to seek and understand the meaning of life. To understand that if you have been given such a fate, then you need to use it correctly for some purpose. There is nothing accidental in nature.

I can tell her only one thing, if she orientates herself correctly to the right goal, then she will see that everything is for the better.

Question: What is the correct goal in your understanding?

Answer: In my understanding, the correct goal is to find in our world the upper force that determines everything, that determines our destiny. In connection with this force, we can each find our own destiny and gain real happiness.

Question: Then I would ask a practical question. If her husband died, can she think about another person who she can meet, about another man?

Answer: Why not? Yes, absolutely.

Not to reproach yourself, but seriously think about how to get on with your life anyway.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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