The World’s Need For A Method Of Correction

938.04Question: Today, interest in Kabbalah is awakening among the nations of the world. Is this a consequence of the fact that Jews have been in exile for a long time?

Answer: No. Interest in Kabbalah would have awakened in any case.

In principle we need to look at humanity as the same Babylon that was under Abraham and Nimrod, as the same two camps, one of which has delved into the use of egoism, reached the bottom today and sees that there is nowhere else to go.

This was predicted in ancient times with an accuracy of up to a year. As it is written in the sources, since 1995 the world will begin to feel absolutely clearly that this is a dead end. It is true that awareness by different circles of humanity occurs gradually because it depends on many natural causes. But in general, we see that it has really worked that way.

On the other hand, the group that developed according to the method of Abraham also went through its own difficult path. Ten tribes partially dispersed throughout humanity and the two remaining tribes also gave their assimilation.

But in principle, today everything is ready to embody the spiritual methodology, which was not implemented by either the followers of Abraham or the followers of Nimrod. Today both parts of humanity are still in a misunderstanding of what is happening to them.

And only a small core of Kabbalists inside the tribe of Abraham, inside the Jews, represents that grain, that key of salvation that exists among mankind. It is they who should offer this methodology to the world.

Today they perform exactly the same way as Abraham once did in ancient Babylon, offering it to absolutely everyone. Now there is no separation, as the whole world more or less feels the crisis and needs a method of correcting existence.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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