Has The Dream Come True?

294.4Herzel’s inspirational dream about an independent Jewish state has come true. But let’s find out why Ben Gurion was so disappointed with everything that was happening to the people of Israel and left Jerusalem to go to a kibbutz. Why, instead of true Zionist idealists, did different parties that fought with each other begin to be created?

I don’t want to touch politics, but it is worth raising and discussing these issues in order to understand where we are. Maybe it will be possible to find words and gather human forces for a better and broader explanation of the need to unite the people of Israel in the land of Israel.

What can we say to the younger generation who want to know if there is a future for Israel? Understandably, there is! After all, we are inside a process, inside a program established from above. Everything that happens in the world day by day is determined from above, from the highest levels of nature. And our obligation is to support this program and get involved in it.

Only we, in our time, in our generation, and in our state can add the power of the science of Kabbalah to the process of our development. After all there is no other possibility to actively participate in this process if we do not make our movement international, multinational.

We are not just returning from exile the fragments of Jewish people left in different countries, but we invite all people who understand that the future of the world is only in unification of all mankind to join this movement. In this way we will acquire the shape of a single people, like the natives of ancient Babylon who followed Abraham and went to the land of Israel, which means “straight to the Creator – Yashar El” and thus became one nation.

The wave of anti-Semitism is rising again in the world. But exactly this will help the world understand that we cannot return to the same catastrophe that we have already gone through and have seen where it has led both the Jews and all of humanity. We are obliged to pull the world to another peak, another state, and to open up a perspective of the future for it.

Considering what is happening with the Jewish people in Israel and other countries, I think that people will listen to us and many will join us. And in such a way we will influence the spirit of the people and their government and awaken people to unification and unity, to one huge embrace around the entire planet.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 10/17/21

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