The Study Of The Soul

202.0Question: “Psychology,” translated from Greek, is the study of the soul. In Hebrew, it sounds like Torat ha-Nefesh. Kabbalah is studying the concept of Neshama (soul). Still, there is a difference between Neshama and Nefesh. I would like to know what is that difference?

Answer: Neshama is a common soul, the totality of all our desires that raise a person to a level opposite to the nature of our world, the level of bestowal, love, unification. Kabbalah deals with the opposite of the originally created egoistic quality of man.

Question: Can we say that Nefesh is something of my individuality and Neshama is something in common?

Answer: If you do not consider that there are levels of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida in Kabbalah, but simply take the feeling of a person within the framework of our world, then this can be called the nature of Nefesh (soul), i.e., the egoistic soul of every person in our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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