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We Need a Special Type of Soul

281.01Question: How do you define talent?

Answer: Talent is a special ability for a certain kind of creativity.

Question: Do you think all people have talent?

Answer: No, not everyone.

Question: Does one need talent to study Kabbalah?

Answer: We need a special type of soul. Those who have it, feel the desire for this kind of activity and this knowledge. Those who do not have no intention or aspiration to Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Talks” 5/18/23

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What Do Elderly People Have in Common with Children?

567.04Question: What do children and elderly people have in common? After all, at some point in their lives, they become exactly the same.

Answer: Children and the elderly feel the simplest common values of this world. The main thing is that the body is comfortable, and everything else is the meaning of a small life.

Children try to find meaning in their games, in anything. And elderly people are like that too. That is, both of them “descend” to a state where they need very little from this world.

Children are still not interested in many things because it goes beyond their desire. And for the elderly, this has already gone beyond the scope of desire. Children have not yet experienced the peak of egoism, and the elderly have survived it and are not pursuing anything anymore.

A Kabbalist is in this state almost all his life. He is not running after anything. Let’s say you offer me a huge limo instead of my car or some huge apartments instead of two small rooms. What for? What will it give me? Basically, I do not need anything from life anymore. The child does not need it either, he has his own toys and he feels good.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is Childhood and Old Age?” 4/24/11

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How to Receive from the Teacher?

294.2Question: Did you say that one can receive from the teacher by bestowing to him?

Answer: You are obliged to. You can receive when you connect with the teacher; otherwise, you will have no place to receive. But it is possible to connect with him only to the extent of the equivalence of qualities.

You cannot come to him and say: “I want, I want, I want!” It will give nothing but rejection between you. To the extent that you bestow to him, you can receive from him.

Question: What exactly am I bestowing?

Answer: Desires, qualities, feelings, and even some actions in our world. Why have I been with my teacher for 12 years? I was his driver, deputy, and assistant; I took care of him like a nurse at a hospital bed. For what? Naturally, only in order to receive from him. Would this old man be dear to me if I did not want and appreciate what is in him? Of course not! A person should be aware of what he is doing everything for.

In our life, we instinctively treat only children with love, and everything else, on the contrary, with rejection.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To Receive from the Teacher” 4/13/11

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Unified Level of Communication

939.02Comment: We are used to the expression “reading someone’s thoughts.” You replace it with the words “know the roots of movement.”

Answer: Why should I read a person’s thoughts?! Do I not understand what kind of device it is? A small biological device that is engaged only in maintaining itself in the most convenient form. Its body strives for homeostasis because all inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature strives for it, and it egotistically reaches for maximum fulfillment. What else do I need to know about him?

Question: But in order to convey information to a person, don’t you need to absorb his understanding? If you feel it much deeper, you could find greater communication with him.

Answer: Yes and no. So what if I understand how he lives? For example, there is a small child in front of you. How will you find communication with him, at what level? You still have to go down to his level, make yourself small like him. Communication can only be on one level.

Question: But an adult has his own world. Let’s say he goes to work, goes out somewhere, to the child it seems to be something unusual, he does not even understand what it is about. For a Kabbalist, what seems to be like miracles to a child are a natural process that takes place around him.

So there are some things that you cannot explain even on our egoistic level?

Answer: There are things that I cannot explain and that you cannot feel. I can take you, like a small child, to my work, I can take you into the big world, and you will see something there and perhaps understand a little because you have five senses like in an adult, only they are not developed.

Therefore, I will be able to explain something to you a little, that is, I can develop your five material sense organs. But if they are developed in you, and spiritual ones are not, what can I do with you?! Nothing.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is a Miracle” 3/6/11

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