How To Keep Your Uniqueness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe current egoistic education erases a person’s uniqueness. Movies newspapers, the media, and the Internet all aim at that.

You assume that the Internet helps you keep in touch with others, but the truth is that it helps you be like everyone else. It locks our whole egoistic integral world in itself in the worst way possible, and as a result we are all connected to one another and are all identical.

We must admit that the Internet assists our development and brings us close to the end of correction since it reveals the evil—but in an evil way. We see standard examples through the net and consume a standard meaning. The “virtual machine” duplicates us like parts on the assembly line.

In spirituality it is the opposite; you don’t resemble others in any way. You are absolutely special and no one can intervene. After all we all have different directions; we work on different frequencies, and we don’t meet, don’t touch each other’s qualities. Everyone has ten Sefirot, but they are divided into another ten and then more and more. Eventually everyone makes a huge tangle of interwoven connections, each according to his measure and to his quality. You can resemble another, but you are not equal to him in any way.

Question: But does the environment influence a person in spirituality too?

Answer: There the environment only inspires you to use your uniqueness and nothing more than that. In our world advertising constantly imposes something upon you, while in spirituality the friends only spur you by envy, lust, and the desire for respect and you operate on your own, internally. It is as if they give you a battery, but the engine, the means for perception, is yours.

Question: In our world I also use the desires that are awakened in me by myself, isn’t that so?

Answer: No. Here you are attracted to duplicating an example that is shown to everyone; you are presented with a certain standard and whether you like it or not, you fulfill it by the way you dress, in your behavior, and mainly in your inner perceptions. The example influences you whether you like it or not.

Therefore, we develop the integral education, according to which the example is a “round” system, in which we are all connected to one another. Thus we have to expel all the other examples. Otherwise, we will simply not survive.

Question: But according to the integral education I will also want to be like someone else.

Answer: Everyone needs to be like someone who is more successful. For example, when you engage in bodybuilding in our world, Schwarzenegger is the example you follow and the incentive is the environment that respects him.

You put your desires under the external pressure and fulfill them. In other words, the ego pushes you forward and you sculpt yourself according to the generally accepted model—according to the example of Schwarzenegger. You have been told that you should be like him and you work on yourself in order to equalize your form to his.

On the other hand, in the internal work you fulfill your attributes when you focus them anew from egocentrism outwards. This allows you to use them differently, and to be in contact with those around you. You get an opportunity that you didn’t have before and build something new.

Although the group is homogeneous, you connect to every member by your attributes and these connections are different for everyone. After all, everyone has his own internal structure.

You are told that you have to reach an equivalence of form with the One who bestows. But where is He? You are called to connect with the friends as one man in one heart, but where is the example? What is the standard?

You hear from the environment very clearly: “If you don’t do that, you are worthless.” So what should I do? After all, there are no examples I can follow. You have read each article a thousand times and you still don’t understand anything.

It is all so that you will look for yourself. The environment only challenges you and that’s all. The friends don’t stick posters like those of Schwarzenegger on the wall. There is no actual example and you don’t know what to do. It is a real problem.

So you are constantly searching: “Perhaps this way? Perhaps that way? What does the Creator look like? What is the attribute of bestowal? How can I transcend the mind? I don’t know anything! So let me see and hear something at least!” But no. It is impossible to perceive spirituality in our sensory organs.

This is exactly what “self-fulfillment” is: No one is pressuring you, not even the teacher. During the lesson he can speak openly, but never personally to you—never. It is forbidden to invade a person’s inner world.

Question: Does this means that I have to despair that I don’t find examples?

Answer: Search; don’t give up. The example is in the group, and you will find it if you dedicate yourself to this search. “I have to find it. The Creator’s image is concealed there, among the friends, in the connection among them.” You don’t see it, but if you focus, it will appear like in a three-dimensional picture.

This is your internal work and no one has access to it. Only you build the attitude to what we call a “group.” You enter it and operate there until you find an image, a form, the attribute of bestowal, its limits, its imprint, the impression it leaves.

Question: But is this example concealed from me?

Answer: And how will you see it without an equivalence of form? The Creator is before you. The attribute of bestowal, the upper Light fills everything. If you want an example, bring yourself to the minimal level of compatibility with it, make efforts (this is called a prayer), and He will help you.

Then you will see Him, but through your inner sight, much clearer and “juicier,” than you temporarily feel in all your senses, that penetrates far and deep and is a thousand times clearer than our ordinary sight by which we only see the externality, without learning even the least bit about the internality…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/12, “Peace in the World”

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