All The Attributes Of The World Are Within Me

laitman_926_02The Torah “Leviticus” (Kedoshim) 19:17: You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your fellow, but you shall not bear a sin on his account.

Man is built in such a way that it is pleasant for him to see bad attributes, sins, and transgressions in people, because it makes him feel above everyone else.

To the extent that others are lower than him, he sees himself rise higher without having to exert any efforts. It appears to you, as it seems, as an advantage in relation to others, but this advantage is false: You are wise because everyone around you becomes dumber. You have become smarter only in relation to the fools, but it still is pleasant for you.

In spiritual work, this approach is not correct. You need to determine your shortcomings, mistakes, and violations of others and accept them as yours. Because everything stems from the fact that you need to see the general soul before you, and thus, as you look at the crimes and the faults of the world, you should not enjoy them.

If you enjoy them, then egoism blinds you. In fact you can’t look at the world and always be happy that nothing good is happening in it.

The only thing that a person should be happy about is that, subconsciously, to the extent that he is able, he longs to actively discover the defects and bring them to correction; at best, to correct his attitude to what is happening, and most importantly, to justify the Creator who arranges all this for him so that he will constantly be happy for misfortune: “It’s so good that the Creator behaves so badly with others!”

This thought goes through us automatically. We shield the Creator, shield the entire world, and enjoy that we see how people quarrel between themselves. Only for this do we watch TV and listen to the news, in that, subconsciously, we are searching for how to be happy from the misfortune of others, since we feel satisfaction from that.

If God forbid, it happened to me or one of those close to me? Would I want to hear, for example, that the bank where I keep my savings blew up? But if that happens to some other bank, that’s fine.

That’s human nature. Thus the Torah shows different perspectives of the same issue of our beloved ego.

To the extent that you see some defect in the society, you have no right to stop without participating in the correction. Each one needs to feel himself as a sinner, a thief, a murderer. Each one of us needs to “dig” and “pull“ the judge from within himself without any connection to his sin.

A person is a small world. Thus in the different stages you need to be both an expert and a corrector, i.e., combine all the attributes within you: the Creator’s, the judge’s, the sinner and the sage. This means that you solved the problem. And so every time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/2/14

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