Preventing A Negative Reaction From Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanUsually, we are afraid of war as if it were the most frightening thing. But the threat isn’t in that. The threat is in the response of nature: It can suddenly respond with such tsunamis, eruptions of volcanoes, or earthquakes that any atomic war will seem like a little toy.

However, in principle, the world is beginning to grasp what is happening, and today it’s already possible to talk and see that a broad audience understands the need for integral education at least. It is more difficult with upbringing: People still can’t imagine how it can be done since we are speaking about a large mass of people.

However, the Internet and the rest of the network services can, if desired, yield almost immediate results. If we examine this in groups of a few hundred people, we see that within a few lessons, people actually begin to understand their state and change drastically.

The matter is that we are mutually interconnected, meaning that 1) a common network connects all of humanity, 2) within us, it connects the flora, the fauna, and the still parts of nature, and 3) all these four spheres are interconnected. Thus when we, our students, our organization, the people who understand and feel think about and live this, then this is what happens. We see a great influence on the world.

In other words, the world is beginning to discover quite clearly this integral mutual connection whereby our thoughts and desires begin to work for one another. This is why in this network that is concealed from us, our inner work is also very important.
From KabTV’s “Building a Social Environment” 9/25/12

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