Two Roots From Which A Tree Grows

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person includes two roots, his ego that so far has been simply a corporeal ego and now turns into a real evil inclination and a spiritual spark, this is already a preparation for two lines. Without this he doesn’t even have one line, since one line indicates that that there is another line, another direction.

Without it, it is simply a desire to receive that belongs to the animal level, while the human level begins when two lines begin to grow in a person, as it says: “God has created them one in contrast to the other.” Then the third line appears, which decides between the first two lines; a Light comes from Above and ties the left and the right lines according to a person’s work, and builds the form of a human.

So a human is created when these two elements appear in him: a desire to receive and in contrast to it the spiritual spark. His desire to receive isn’t just a corporeal desire for this life that looks for ways to use others and to profit more. It already gives birth to questions a person has according to the spark that illuminates on him and demands him to ask: “What is the meaning of my life and what I should do with it?” This means that his desire is already aimed at complaining to the Creator in the left line.

When a person begins to develop these two lines, he reaches a group. First he doesn’t understand what he needs it for. He begins to study, and in the meantime he doesn’t know why. But then the two lines develop in him.

He begins to go through different states for the first time: ascents and descents. The first stage of preparation ends when he understands that the importance of the goal has to be above every private state he feels.

He may be in such a critical state that his life is in danger, but he still has to be above this state, as it says: “Even if a sharp sword is placed on his neck, he shouldn’t despair of mercy.” This means that you still have to be above that feeling.

It is the same in the opposite state: No matter which state of greatness he may feel, which makes him recognize the greatness of the goal, whether a state of elation, love for the friends, euphoria, he must still understand that it all happens because he is given an illumination from Above and he is like a small kid under the full domination of the upper force.

There is no need to annul or to suppress these states in you, like people who sometimes repress their joy in order to seem more serious. Here a person should try to intensify and to deepen these states as much as he can, both the fear and the gratitude, both his ego and his adhesion to bestowal. But he himself should want to be above these feelings, in order to examine them and to control them.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, Shamati #212

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