There’s No Such Thing As Superfluous Desires

Dr. Michael Laitman

  • Without the right intention, the Light can’t enter a desire and it remains in its filth. Only the intention purifies the desire’s “body” and allows the Light to enter it.

The intention emerges when the body realizes the impurity it is in, desires unity with the Creator, and makes actions to attract the Light that Reforms. Then the Light of the Torah corrects the desire with the intention for bestowal, and then dresses into it.

First one must reveal one’s egoistic intention. This is also an attainment. Then a person needs the Light in order to change his intention to bestowal.

Question: Is this intention formed by the right environment?

Answer: No, the intention is formed by the Light, while the environment supports this process so a person comes to demand correction from the Light.

Question: So that means only prayer will help one achieve this?

Answer: Yes, prayer, request, or demand aimed at the source, in other words—a need.

Prayer, MAN, is a need, an unfulfilled desire that comes from Nukva that is included in Bina. That’s where the name MAN comes from—Mey Nukvin, literally, “female waters.” Bina creates Nukva, the female quality from the desire to bestow, while Nukva desires to become similar to Bina from its receiving desire. These are the two stages: First, when breaking, Bina becomes included in Nukva, meaning Malchut, and then when Malchut is corrected, it becomes included in Bina.

Question: Then why are all of these physical actions we make in this world necessary?

Answer: Without them I can’t provide for my existence. But if I add the right intention to my animate desire to live and fulfill myself, then I allow it to become corrected. I aim all of my life at correction.

Question: Is it possible to add the intention to every action?

Answer: Yes, even to the “coarsest” one. By virtue of the intention, any action becomes spiritual. Any desire can be corrected, even the most insignificant, the lowest, and stupidest one. The Light will issue a “ validity certificate” to every desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/12, “Matan Torah”

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