The Salvation Of Israel Is In Its Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The U.S. media recently exposes Israel as an enemy of America or as its partner, even as the organizer of the September 11 attack; Obama clearly favors the Arab lobby, including its representatives in various organizations. What is your opinion on this matter? By the way, I am not a Jew, but your old student.

Answer: Many years ago, I wrote an appeal “The Threat of Destruction” in Israel, where I pointed out that the salvation of Israel is in fulfilling its purpose: to show the world the vision of prophets in building a new society, based on “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

There is no other force to hold the country, and it is not because it is against the wishes of our neighbors or enemies, but because it is against the plan of Nature/the Creator. We must once again become the people of the Bible, as prior to our fall 2,000 years ago from the level of love to the level of hatred. The global crisis awaits this example as its solution.

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