Above Ein Sof (Infinity) There Is The Giver Of Ein Sof

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can never imagine and appreciate the upper level since it is a new dimension each time and we enter another world. All our inner data change, our elements change and each time it is as if a new creature, a new creation. This is how the new Reshimot (informational genes) are revealed.

So how can we summon our advancement and think about the Creator’s greatness, about the height of the next level in comparison to the one we are on now? This is why we work indirectly with the help of the environment, by being impressed by it and receiving new values from it, so that a person can imagine bestowal as a connection and love above his ego.

Thanks to the environment, we can somehow depict this picture to ourselves, but in order to advance, we have to demand more from this picture, the uppermost level, which is two levels higher than the one we are on. If the next level is already Ein Sof for us, how can we imagine something that is above Ein Sof?

However, we must imagine that the highest level, which means the revelation of the Creator, is even higher than anything I can imagine. It is then that my appeal to the Creator is right. It is because the upper level is the same state that I want to attain. The level that is above is the one from whom I ask for help to attain the upper level.

I turn to the one above the upper in order to attain the upper. If I present my appeal this way, then it is exactly on a straight line aimed at the Creator. I want to attain the level of bestowal, connection, love of others, and adhesion. But in order to attain this, I don’t turn for help to some unknown factor, but straight to the Creator. Everything is connected in the upper level to one whole: Israel, the Torah (the Light that Reforms), and the Creator.

Israel is me, the one who attains the upper level by the Light, which I receive from the Creator, who is on the uppermost level, but who “comes out” to meet me on the next level. If we have this arrangement we can be sure that we are on one straight line.

The important levels for us are the lower (the current level), the upper, and the uppermost. This is the order of the levels.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/12

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