Effort And Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A question arises constantly as to whether or not I’m putting in enough effort because I constantly feel that I’m not working enough.

Answer: Naturally so, and this is very good. You have a constant opportunity to advance, which doesn’t depend upon me. Moreover, your work is measured as the sum total of your actions and the actions of the group as a whole in order to discover among you the point of higher power, the center of the group, its spiritual and moral center, its future, and the source of its strength, with the help of which the group and each individual member changes themselves toward greater integration with others.

In an integral group, people do their own work and pull themselves up on their own. The teacher observes from the sidelines. He organizes the seminars and sets the topics. He leads the students and guides them in a way that, from seminar to seminar, from one lesson to another, they really begin to see their advancement. This advancement can either be in the form of a revelation of greater evil or in attaining some degree of good.

Question: Is this working ability and effectiveness also determined by the group’s integral interaction?

Answer: Yes, by this alone. Nothing depends on the teacher. He acts like a supervisor. If anything can be added, he adds it. If not, then he waits patiently.
From KabTV’s “Building the Social Environment” 9/25/12

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