A Premonition Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe try to perform mutual acts of bestowal and we speak about the love between us although it isn’t there. Yet we still speak about bestowal, about the love of the Creator, about adhesion to Him, about adhesion among us, about connection and unity, in short about the corrected vessel. After the shattering of the general vessel, we speak about its correction. Once there was one soul, and we speak about the reconnection of the individual souls into one.

These talks enable us to be impressed by one another both qualitatively and quantitatively, and gradually all our efforts come together into one whole. Eventually we will create a state from which we will be able to cry out, which means to raise a collective prayer. When people get together, even though they are few, they have many vessels and discernments and so they raise a “prayer of many.”

But this prayer should be aimed at one Source, one goal, to be one. They want to receive the attribute of mutual bestowal, which they imagine as a supreme value, as part of their environment. This attribute, the force that gives birth to and revives everything, is called the Creator, and they want it to be revealed among them according to the efforts they have made.

The attribute of bestowal is not somewhere on the outside. So if the friends try, it will be revealed inside, among them. It is as if it comes to us from two directions: On the one hand there is no vessel, and on the other hand there is no Light, but when the friends try to be together as much as they can, at a certain point both the vessel and the Light are created simultaneously. They cannot exist separately.

We work by requesting, by a common prayer, and so we approach this revelation, the revelation inside us of the attribute of bestowal and love, which is the Creator.

Here it is important to remember that during the preparation phase we don’t discover the actual attribute, but the necessity for it. We don’t know in advance what this attribute is. It is as if we want to acquire it and then when it is revealed, it turns out to be a real surprise and far from what we have thought it would be. It is because it is about something that isn’t part of our nature.

We only need the feeling of necessity, so that we will anticipate and have a premonition of it. Even if it doesn’t reflect the future reality, a person still has to imagine the next state by this game.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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