In The Web Of Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s quite difficult to introduce the formula of “love your friend as yourself” into the existing concepts and to explain it in scientific language.

Answer: Why? Say, if not for the present crisis that distracts us from further development, that is, if we continued to develop international commerce and economics, we would arrive at the completely interconnected integral system. In one place we produce something, in another place consume, manufacture, one thing is connected to the other—all the earth is entangled in the network of various mutual connections.

In this event, how could I predict or plan something, and in general, do something successfully? Suppose that we are two businessmen and want to sign a contract. Can we compose it if we don’t take into account the entire network of international connections?

Question: If I have a structured network and I concluded its laws of development, I can predict this development. Here contracts appear and anything else you like.

Answer: No, because it still depends on millions of people like you, if you all cooperate with each other. You are sitting as if in a web!

Then completely different, integral laws operate, and we can’t control them. We don’t control them. Our egoistic mind allows us only to work between us: The third one is unnecessary, and that’s the only way. We can’t grasp the integral system since it’s an analog system where everything is mutually connected, and we can’t work out these kinds of systems.

It turns out that by signing a contract with you, I don’t know how much it will be implemented since at the same time all the others will also sign their contracts, and everyone will become antagonistic. So what should be done?

Only if we rise above our personal interests to one common interest and begin to feel it as personal to us (imagine what level we must reach), only then can we work together like ants in their society. They operate on pure instinct, the general force directs them.

If we come with our intellect to this kind of society, that would be ideal!
From a TV Program: “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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  1. It is such a balancing factor in my life right now to write to you Rabbi Laitman. What is your advise for the following true life situation. A person understands what is required to bring everybody into harmony with Heaven and the law of love. You are willing and make many sacrifices to promote this shift and change, however those you attempt to love are working in the opposite direction to the common goal. They try to pull the person back into their systems? In these systems you observe that many want to be the chiefs and few are prepared to be the indians(nullifications for the Creator’s purpose)? Advise please.

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