The Predictions Of Futurologists

laitman_627_1Comment: There are many predictions that are not made by people with special properties but by people called futurologists, or people who have a fertile imagination, like science fiction writers.

Answer: Futurologists are people who, based on science, technology, and the progression of various strata of humanity, predict a general trend for the next 50 or 100 years.

Comment: Futurologists predict that by the year 2030 robots will have been invented that will connect our brains directly to a data cloud, and it will be possible to print both food and houses on 3-D printers.

Answer: In the future we will print everything on printers, there is no problem. It is possible to load a printer with palm oil and it will issue sausages, cold cuts, dairy products, porridge, and everything else.

Question: They say that in another 20 years, toward the year 2045, a unique revolution will begin, meaning that an artificial brain will transcend the biological brain. Will an artificial person have a soul?

Answer: There is no connection between the soul and the brain.

Question: If a robot were to sit next to a person and manage a program, what would a person do?

Answer: I see how people talk with a computer today, so why would he not talk with a smart robot and exchange information with it?

Question: Do you mean just rational information?

Answer: This would not only be intellectual information but even emotions. A regular person is a mechanism whose actions and responses can be completely calculated and predicted because all of these are not found in a spiritual space; there is nothing here that cannot be predicted.

We can create machines that could communicate with us splendidly, instead of people. Likewise, as we would want, according to how we would direct them and the data that we insert, they could be lyrical, rigid, or romantic, directed toward musical or psychological communication, etc. They could be integrated and composed of different kinds of characters.

Comment: This would be more attractive if they would be faithful friends, good friends….

Answer: It depends on how we program them; after all, they could also be the opposite, very cruel.

You would go to the store, choose a robot for yourself shaped like a little dog or a tough friend. Why not? They don’t have to be shaped like a person. There are no limits.

A person reacts to everything that happens in the world just like every beast. The nature of the still, vegetative, and animate is absolutely capable of being programmed. So there is nothing secret in a person, nothing that is sublime. But on the next level he begins to attain the soul, meaning “a portion of the divine from above” (Job 31:2). Then he is no longer a person but what is called an “ambulatory soul.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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  1. Well,… the question would then be if…artificial intelligence reaches the point at which judgement, emotion, and auto-correction and advancement are included in the machine then could the machines not “connect” with both humans and perhaps preferably, for them.., with other machines and continue to evolve with or without humans? And if the “soul” is really a correct super connection between all things on some infinite upper level which includes all levels from inanimate to human..and above…is it perhaps possible that the physical human body has nothing to do with the soul? Could the machine create the soul? If so, pretty depressing, because we are back to square one, which is: What in the world is the point of the individual human experience here on this planet and are we in fact no more or less important to this evolution tnan our favorite tree? Isn’t this in fact what quantum physics would say?…at some level we are all exactly the same thing. And if that is the case what does the invidual experience of either pleasure or pain really mean and what is the point?

  2. P.S. Sorry but one more thing. Just wondering…as we read kabbalistic texts including Talmud Eser Sefirot…if we substitute the word “light” with the word “information” and we assume that this whole process is learning to be able to correctly assimilate and work properly with this information coming from some sort of correct connection on a different level, aren’t we truly speaking of access to some sort of super intelligence that might actually be easier for an analytic super machine free of the ego? In which case, of course one has to add that one of the most beautiful and fulfilling aspects of intelligence is emotional bonding and support above self interest, which is truly something felt in the” heart”. Can a machine be programmed to feel that? Does it matter to this universal intelligence what the medium of the connection is or is it irrelevant? What is it that makes humans important?

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