America Welcomes Its New President, Part 1

laitman_426Question: The day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, America and the entire world split in two, protesters against his rule and those who support it. Do you think this is a temporary phenomenon or a gap that will widen further?

Answer: Actually, such a split has never happened before. After World War II, liberalism became the fashion in the world. Humanity decided that the West, the “free world,” cannot afford many things without any restriction of religion and governmental system, and everyone can feel more or less free.

By itself, liberalism is a good thing, but if it is based on human egoism, it leads to distortions. It happens with everything that people do. There are many excellent qualities and aspirations for remarkable plans that people offer wholeheartedly

Humanity enthusiastically accepts them, without considering that human nature is inherently egoistic. The moment we begin to implement these excellent programs, egoism will begin to wedge into them and turn them so that only destruction will be left.

After all, if we want to correct something, we need to correct our egoism first, and then all aspects of our lives will be corrected. Without this, only harm will come from all the programs.

Therefore, neoliberalism and democracy initially looked very enticing, promising to provide everyone with good development. The problem is that all of this was based on egoism and therefore led to the destruction we observe now.

Democracy and liberalism have led to these distortions that affect everyone. Everyone does what he wants, and this is the most egoistic, abhorrent form possible, especially in our time when egoism has developed so much that it has come to quite unimaginable desires, inclinations, and properties.

It turns out that there are no restrictions on the manifestations of egoism, no power over them, not newspapers, governments, financial oligarchies, not the judiciary, police, nor universities. One cannot raise a child because he will complain about his parents to the police. In society, there are no constraints that would keep it in some kind of a framework so as not to lead to total anarchy.

This is like children who had been granted freedom to run riot as they want. In the end, what will happen with these children? That’s why we have come to such a crisis with the government, finance, media, law enforcement, and judicial systems.

The problem is that we don’t take into account that real democracy requires the prior correction of the egoistic nature of man. Democracy must be built on a corrected basis. Otherwise, it will crumble.

The split that has occurred today in the world is the difference between people who belong to the previous generation that still want some kind of order, and the younger generation, brought up in the last thirty years, who don’t recognize any order and are accustomed to doing
what they want.

So they have, after legal elections, gone out to demonstrate in protest. If they stand up for democracy, why don’t they agree with the President who received the most electoral college votes?

Apparently, they think that the opportunity to display their egoistic nature is democracy and an indicator of a modern, developed person. There is no correction, no understanding of creation, nor even an understanding of how society functions. In the meantime, society is functioning through other people who are preserving it, and the army and police are still working somehow.

However, a polyarchical system has already been built. Everyone wants to rule—the government apparatus, financiers, media, the military, and police. It is happening all over the world, but it must end.

Now is the opportunity to eliminate this conflict in a peaceful, quiet way. It is still possible to fix the destruction done by the liberal rulers in Europe and the previous American leadership in the United States.

Today, there is a struggle between the two parts of America, and it won’t be very simple. Yet, the process doesn’t depend on one or another, and in any case, it will move in the direction of correction. The only question is, which way it will go, good or bad? Hopefully, Trump will be able to implement at least something from his program of change, and the realization of evil will happen through the mind, and not through suffering.
From the 2nd part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/22/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa” (Arosa Document), “Altruists and Egoists in Society”

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