My Thoughts On Twitter, 8/25/17


Multiculturalism, #liberalism, democracy are only truly possible with Ohr Makif, when aspiring to unity above individual ego!

Kabbalists battle the egoistic world and its aggressions. At the peak of doubts (Mount Irurim) they enter the Creator’s Temple to meet Him.

Europe’s rabbis are once more against Jews leaving Europe—let’s hope they’re not too late this time… #holocaust

All the solutions by any governments are compelled by the ego, save for one: to hold a universal #educational program, “Learning to unite.”

#Europe: renounce the “values” of tolerance, multiculturalism, liberalism to stop the migrants, or be taken over.

The ego keeps growing and renewing. This is why humanity can’t learn from mistakes of the past, so fascism is rapidly growing again. #world

Kabbalah: the #crisis starts the world’s correction. But will we continue the correction or suffer another round of fascism and world war?

People agree that the ego is the cause of their hardships. But, thinking that it cannot be corrected, they keep #suffering from it. #wisdom

The growth of the ego begets a sequence of social orders: slavery-feudalism-capitalism-socialism/liberalism- #fascism -last generation.

Soon #EU will start thinking how to guard against terrorism. But you can’t build a wall like on the Gaza border—they’re already inside!

#Trump: Make America great again!—But this is an egoistic goal. Make America good (an altruistic goal), and America will become great!

From Twitter, 8/25/17

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