Why Do We Study Kabbalah With Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I like to study alone, but I’ve heard that one needs to study Kabbalah together in a group. What is the benefit of studying together?

Answer: We know that working together is very beneficial for achieving a significant result. It is no wonder that big firms employ many scientists and engineers to work on large-scale projects and major constructions. One person is not able to solve large, global problems. Kabbalah sets a major task for itself.

That is why after beginning to study Kabbalah a person gradually realizes the need to study in a group. After all, everyone, based on the special root of his soul, represents a specific quality.

Gradually students begin to connect their parts, their souls, until they assemble them into one beautiful mosaic. It is like a Lego or a puzzle that they put together and then they see the whole picture. And the whole picture appears only due to the connection between the students.
From the conversation “Answers to the questions of beginners” 7/24/17

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